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Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today we’re gonna be talking about a WordPress plugin called WP Sheet Editor. If you want to save hours editing your website, you need to check out this plugin. Now this is a premium plugin. They do have a free version, but you’re going to be limited.

The options that you can use or you can use a premium version, either pick that up from their website or you can go ahead and watch this other video right up here and you can find out how to get this plugin and many others for an amazing price. But for now, let’s go ahead and hop to the computer and I’m going to show you guys how to use this plugin. And it’s really easy. So let’s go. This is the website wpsheeteditorcom.

They have a bunch of different plugins that use their sheet editor. But for today’s focus, we’re going to be using the post pages and custom page type spreadsheet. So if you want to check that out, I will put a link in the description. But for now, let’s go ahead. We’ll head over to my website.

I have downloaded this plugin. Now you will want to set the plug in up with all of the other plugins that you use and here is why. So you will notice a bunch of different cells with lots of different things that you are never going to edit and they do not need to be in here. For example, we have elementor edit mode, elementor version, elementor template type. These are things that you’re not going to change and you will want to remove.

And if we keep scrolling over, you will see there are lots of different cells that we can get rid of. So you’d want to make the sheet pretty much only show the items that you are ever going to want to edit. And for the most part, that’s going to be your title, your SEO meta description and SEO title, just things like that. Something that you may want to change all the time. Now, what’s really cool about this plug in is if I want to change, let’s just say the title of this post, you can go ahead and double click on that, make that change, hit Enter and you’re pretty much done.

You’re going to have to hit Save and it will go ahead and update that page for you. Now, if you want to make, let’s say, a change on the content, you can go ahead and hit the content button and it’s going to pull up the page right here. You can go ahead and make changes. Now this page was edited in elementor, so you’re not going to be able to. But if you just put all your content just on the back end of WordPress or on that post page, then you can go ahead and make any changes that you need.

Go ahead and hit update and you’ll be good to go. But what I typically use this plugin for is the SEO meta description and title. So let me try to scroll over here and find that for you. So we have our SEO focus keyword, which is going to be right here. Then we have our SEO description.

So this is going to be your meta description. And on this cell right here, we have our SEO title. So if you’re working on either your site or a client site, and you ran an audit and you noticed that 100 different pages do not have an SEO title, well, you can go ahead and set up a basic template for your SEO title. And then if you really want, you can go ahead and copy and paste that title right here. And you could then drag all the way down just like you would in Excel, and then go back up and make you a little change for your title, because maybe you wanted daily SEO tips or the client’s name or whatever it is on the back side of there.

Then you just come over here, make all those changes, hit save, and you’re done. There’s no more going back into each individual page, waiting for each page to load, just to make these simple changes. So that is how I use this w sheet editor. Now, they do have some other cool options, which you can do the same thing for your images. So if you need to add alt tags to all these images, you can see what page that image is on.

And then if you want to change that alt text to relate something to the title or whatever it is, you can do the same thing and then hit save and then you’re done. I hope you guys enjoyed that tip. So if you want to save hours working with WordPress, updating your titles, meta descriptions, whatever it is, your alt image tags, make sure to check out and download this plugin. Remember it’s WP Sheet Editor. I will leave a link in the description.

And remember too, if you want this plug in and kind of their whole suite of plugins, I have a place where you can get those potentially a little bit cheaper. Make sure to click on the other video that you will find in the description. So if you guys have any more questions or comments, please leave them below. And if not, make sure to hit subscribe for more daily SEO tips.    

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