Want To Save Hours in WordPress? You Need This Plugin!

Welcome back to Casey’s SEO. For today. I want to show you guys a plugin on WordPress which will duplicate the page or post that you’re working on if you want to make things go a little bit quicker. So let’s go ahead, hop to the computer. I’m going to show you you that plugin and exactly how to use it.

To download this plugin, all you have to do is go to the plugin sections, hit Add New, and then you’re going to search for duplicate page. And I will leave the creator of this plug in. I’ll put it in the description below so you guys can go ahead and check that out. But if you do hit View details, you will see the plugin that I’m actually using just to give you the image. So you can go ahead and see it right there.

But it’s really simple and easy to use. I use the free version and if you want to duplicate a page, we’re going to go over to the blog post section and it is super duper easy. You just have to remember a couple of things. So if you find an article or a blog post that you want to duplicate, let’s just say you have maybe some type of template or just information already on a page and you want to keep that there and just make changes to the text or maybe change out a video. That is when I suggest you guys use this plug in.

So once it’s downloaded, it’s going to say duplicate this. So you’re going to go ahead, hit that button and it will duplicate the page and save it as a draft. But it’s also going to save it with the same exact title. And this is where you have to be careful because you need to make a couple of changes so you’re not creating two posts with the same title and meta description. So we’ll go ahead and click Edit and then we would go ahead and make changes to the page title and then you need to scroll down.

If you’re using, let’s say, Yoast SEO, you’re going to want to change the focus key phrase, the SEO title, the meta description, and then hit Save. Once you hit save, your slug will change to your new title that you put up on top when you created your page. Now another area that you will want to take a look at is if you have any categories, you’re going to want to check out your category section and make sure that you have the correct category set. Same goes with tags, featured image. If you need to change that featured image, go ahead and replace it.

And then if you have any additional information, just make sure you change that so it reflects the current page that you just created. Go ahead and hit save or update. And then if you’re using, let’s say Elementor, for example, you would go into Elementor make your changes to the page, hit publish and you’re good to go. The duplicate plugin will save you guys hours on end if you’re creating content that is very similar. So if you have a set of different pages or blog posts that you guys always use, make sure to download that duplicate or plug in.

Like I said, it’s going to save you hours. And another quick tip is if you are working with a. Say. On a client’s website or maybe a friend’s website. And they have a really awesome page and they want you to basically duplicate that page or make a replica.

Use this plug in because sometimes you come across maybe they’re using Beaver builder or a different type of builder that you’re used to. You can go ahead and duplicate it and you have everything already set up which will save you hours. And you don’t exactly need to know how to use each individual builder. So there’s just make your text changes or whatever changes that they need made and you’re done. So if you guys enjoyed this tip, make sure to hit that subscribe button.   

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