This is the Best Caching Plugin for WordPress

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today we’re gonna be looking at a caching plugin for WordPress. The plugin that I typically use is WP Rocket. So let’s go over to the computer. I’m going to show you guys a couple quick examples of how WP Rocket works works and why you should use it.

This is WP Rocket. WP Rocket is a premium plug in, but it is one of the best caching plugins that I have found and I’ve been using it for years for all my WordPress sites. So a couple of quick and easy setups that you can use to help with the speed of your website is you’re going to go to the File Optimization tab and then you’re going to start to minify some of the CSS files and your JavaScript files. Now the one thing you have to look at is basically if you click on every button, it may break your site. So you have to, let’s say, click Minify CSS Files and then go to the front end of your site, use in Incognito browser and then check, see if anything broke, then go back, click on another option and just keep testing.

Sometimes you will find your menu on mobile may be broken, but everything looks fine on your desktop version. But by doing this and minifying these files will definitely help speed up the site. Another quick little option here is you can lazy load all of your images. You just have to click on Enable images for lazy loads. You can also enable a lazy load for any iframes or videos.

If you have any pages that you do not want to get cached, you can put those in this box here which says Never cash URLs. And typically these are going to be for more of a shopping cart type of setup. Like if you’re using WooCommerce, you can set these up so these pages will not cache. If you have any caching problems and you are using an ecommerce setup, go back in and make sure that those pages are not getting cached because that’s probably the issue, especially with a cart. If you’ve made a lot of changes recently, you can click on the database button and you will see how many revisions you have in your database prior to making this video.

I’ve been making lots of changes to my website and I think it said I had like 800 revisions in the database. So I went ahead and just hit Save Changes and Optimized and we’ll go ahead and clear everything out for you and make your website nice and lean. If you’re using Cloudflare, there is a Cloudflare button. You can integrate your cloudflare. So when you push Clear Cloudflare Cache, we’ll go ahead and clear that cache on Cloudflare.

And if you want to use a CDN, WP Rocket does have its own provider. It starts at $7.99 a month. I use this on one of my other websites. It works great. You just sign up for it and it will basically set everything up for you and then hit save.

Now if you want to use a different CDN, just go ahead and make sure that WP Rocket will work with those and learn how to set that up. And I believe you shouldn’t have any other issues. There you go. That was a quick walkthrough of WP Rocket. Just remember, it is a premium plugin.

I believe it’s going to cost you around fifty dollars to seventy dollars a month. Now, if you have more than one website, you can purchase some different packages which will range from one to five websites or more than five websites. Just keep that in mind. But it is one of the best Caching plugins that I have been using for years and I highly recommend that you guys try them out. If you have any other questions, questions, please let me know.

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