Daily SEO Tips: The Best WordPress Plugin | Rank Math Instant Indexer

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. For today’s daily SEO tip, we’re going to be looking at Rank Math’s instant indexing plugin. Yes, if you guys have not heard of this plugin, you may have seen some something like it before, but it’s probably one of the best plugins you can use. So this is for WordPress, and essentially what you’re going to do is you’re going to follow all the steps and I’m going to put a link in the description below to their website and it shows you how to go step by step throughout this process. It’s a little tedious, but this plugin will allow you to instantly index all of your pages and put them into Google instead of you having to go one by one in search console to get these pages indexed.

So let’s hop over to the computer right now and I’ll show you guys a quick little demo. Once you have the plugin installed and running correctly, you’re going to go into your WordPress dashboard and you’re going to click on Rank Math. So if you have Rank Math already installed, there should be another component or box open within their software which you can go ahead and index links. If there is not, then you may find a little tab that says Instant Indexing. So once you click on the Instant Indexing tab, it’s going to bring you to a page that essentially is just a little text box that you can copy and paste any of your URLs that you would like indexed.

So it has three different actions. Below it. You have a publish update URL, remove URL and get URL status. So up top though, it does say URLs, one per line up to 100 for Google and 10,000 for Index. Now but what I have found is if you have used this indexing piece of software multiple times, it actually allows you to index more than 100 URLs at once.

Now, I do not know if you’re actually able to index more than 100 at once, or if that’s just something that they tell you, but they still let you index a thousand of them if you’re running 1000 per day. Now, this will all depend on how large your website is, but another little quick tip like if you use Yoast SEO, you can generate a site map very quickly, and then you can take the URLs from that site map, put them in Excel, and then just go ahead and copy and paste those into your Instant Indexing piece of software here. And then you’re just going to click the button that says Send to API. Boom. And it says Success that your URL was indexed.

If you’re trying to index, let’s say, 500 URLs at once, it will take this box a little bit longer to say Success. I have also found though, sometimes you have to hit the refresh button. If your links are not getting indexed, you may come up with an error and I can’t remember the exact numbers, but you just may have to refresh the page and try again. And then if you go ahead and try this again and you end up with a 429 error, that just means you’ve exceeded your quota for the day. So then you’re going to have to come back the next day and go ahead and try to index those pages.

There you go. There’s a quick demo of the Instant Indexing plugin by Rank Math. If you guys have hundreds or thousands of different URLs that need to be indexed, I highly recommend you guys check this plug in out. Once again, a link in the description will be the step by step instructions from Rank Math. It may take you ten or 15 minutes to get this figured out because you have to go and create an API and set everything up with the Developers Console for Google and Search Console.

But if you guys have any other questions, please leave a comment. Let me know. And if you enjoyed this video, please hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.   

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