How to Rank Your Google Business Profile Page (Case Study)

Welcome to Casey’s SEO, and today we’re going to be doing kind of a part one for this case study. So I’m going to be trying to rank my Google profile page for Casey’s SEO. So I’ve had this profile page probably only for a year, but I haven’t actually optimized it until the other day. So I’m going to see if I can get some of these keywords ranked for SEO and the location that I live in. So I’m going to be going over to the computer here and showing you guys kind of what I’ve been doing for part one.

And then we’ll check back in probably next week and see if any of these optimizations actually made any improvement yet. So on the page here, one of the first things that I did was I added a bunch of services. So I have, let’s just say, roughly 17 different services that I’ve added. And then I went ahead and added a description with a little call to action for each service. Now some of these services or keywords are very similar, but I went ahead and did some research on other companies in the location and I looked at what other services that they offered and these were the ones that almost everyone offered.

So I just wanted to go ahead and throw those in there. Now one thing that like I said I did do that most businesses do not, is they don’t really add a description within each service. So you can actually click on the tab and then you can change the service name if you would like. You can add a price and then you have about 300 words that you can put in for a service description. Now within the service description, I added keywords and I just basically kind of did a definition of what the service was that I offered and then a little call to action with my city and state, pretty much within every service that I added.

Next I went ahead and added some products. So I created these little icons or images in blender. I changed the colors on there to match my website just to make it look a little bit better, and then added a couple of different products. Now what I may do here in the near future is take a look at some of the kind of main services that I created and add them into the products. So the first one here we have SEO service and that is for a product.

Then we have a select a category. I put search engine optimization. I left a price out. Now what I need to do is come back in and add more to the product description. So we get about 1000 words here for a product description.

Right now I only have 118, just a little call to action. But I’ll go back through, add more information to that, add my city and my state, maybe phone number, just some more information to hopefully help with the search engines. We have kind of a call to action. We have added button so you can go in there and put order online, buy, Learn more, get offer and then these could link back to a service page on your website or a product page, just kind of all depending on what you’re using the products for. So I’m not exactly sure how many products that you can list on your Google business profile page, but right now I have four.

And like I said, I’ll probably go back and maybe add anywhere between five to ten and we’ll see if that helps. Then we have the photo section. So the other day I went ahead and created a handful more of these icons that they made in Blender and then I also geolocated them and gave them an SEO keyword for a title. No one hadn’t uploaded these, so we’ll see if these get any traction here later on. Also now the last thing that I did and this was create a post.

So I made a YouTube video the other day and just had some tips on how to optimize a certain ecommerce site and I went ahead and posted that in the post section with a link back to that YouTube page. But if you don’t want to do that, you could also add an offer, you could add what’s new or an event. Now you can go ahead and actually share the post on other sites if you would like. So what I did from here is I took a blog post and then uploaded that blog post to Pod Beam because I do have a section where you can just create post. So this post is improve your local SEO rankings with these three local SEO strategies.

So I went ahead and added links back to my Google, my business page, some maps, and then even that post. So on some of these links it just goes back to my knowledge panel from a search from Google. If you type in Casey’s SEO you’ll see a knowledge panel and then you’ll have all the information that I have for my profile page. So I went ahead and added I think three or four links in those. I tried to embed a map but that did not work.

So I just went ahead and put a link in there instead.

The next thing I might do with this post here is go ahead and put that up on my website and then just put a link from Pod Bean over to my website for I guess keywords to say the original content came from and then it’ll go back to my website. Now on my blog here, so far I just have one blog and that is a video to YouTube talking about three SEO tips to increase your sales. And then I could go ahead, like I said, post this Pod Bean blog up here and then I will also have links on my website back to my GMB or Google business profiles just to keep changing the name. But for right now, that is what I am doing. If you do a couple of searches for some of the keywords that I have put in, I have not made any progress in the past couple of days.

So for example, keyword here, SEO services and then I have my location name. When I did a search for that, I believe I was still on the third page in the same position that I was from a couple of days ago. So I’m hoping here in the next week or two I can make some progress moving up within the search. Now, I don’t have any reviews for the profile page yet. I do have a couple of different clients that I’ve helped out and done some stuff.

So maybe I’ll see if I can get some reviews from them. If not, I will see if I can move up in rankings really without any reviews, but just by optimizing and maybe trying to do a little bit more than some of the other local companies. But that is it for today. I will be back here in the next week or two with kind of a part two to show you guys what else I have been doing and if it has been successful or not. If you guys have any questions, please let me know.

I’d love to help you guys out. So until next time, go ahead, hop on your GMB are optimizing it and let me know how you guys have been doing and let me know what’s working.    

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