Beginner's Guide to SEO: How to Rank #1 in Google Fast!

In today’s video, I’m going to show you guys how you can rank on the first page of Google. I’m Casey Miller, the founder of Casey’s SEO, where local businesses turn to for higher rankings and more traffic. And if you want to rank number one on Google, you guys are going to love these actionable steps in this video. When I first started with SEO, I just used to find keywords with the most searches and try to create articles based on those, thinking that I would be able to get some of that traffic. And let me tell you, it didn’t work.

Then I would focus on adding keywords to the title tags and meta descriptions, thinking that that would move the needle. But that really didn’t work either. It wasn’t until I started searching for keywords that people were really looking for and had a low difficulty score. So if you guys want results, quickly go ahead and follow these steps in this formula. First, you guys are going to make a list of five or more longtail keywords that you guys want to create an article on.

To find these keywords, you guys can use some free software from SEO Power suite. Next, you’re going to go ahead and take these keywords and type them into Google and then look for the section that says People Also Search. Now you’re going to want to save all this information from this section because we’re going to be using this later in the next step. Step two, you’re going to take the question and answer information. Head over to word tune.

Paste that in there, go ahead and rewrite these questions and answers, and then you can add more information if you would like. Step three, you’re going to need to create a catchy title, and you can use a title generator for this in order to get some different ideas. Once you have created a catchy title, we can then move on to the article itself. Step four, we’re going to go back into Google. We’re going to paste your long tail keywords that you’ve chosen in the beginning, and then we’re going to scroll to the bottom of the page and you’re going to look at the different suggestions that they give you.

You’re going to take those suggestions and then use them within your article where they fit properly. Step five, add unique images to your article. Now, when you put these images in, just remember when you upload your article to compress the images as much as you can and then add some alt text to them. Step six. Now we’re going to create a YouTube video off of this piece of content that you just created.

So you will have two opportunities to rank on the first page of Google. And finally, step seven, go ahead and promote these two pieces of content that you just created, your article and your video to like minded people online. Now you will have two pieces of content that Google already loves, since you’re using keywords with low competition and questions, plus keywords that Google suggested to you. So there you go. You have seven steps in order to create content that will rank on the first page of Google without actually putting in too much work.

So what keywords are you guys going to be trying to rank for? Please go ahead and leave me a comment in the box below. I would love to see what content you guys can create. And if you would like more SEO tips, please subscribe to this channel.    

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