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Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today we’re going to be looking at a plugin for WordPress that will compress your images with one click of the button. So let’s jump over the computer. Right now I’m going to show you guys what this plugin is and how to to use it. So let’s go.

The plugin we’re looking at is called Imagify. You can find this plugin at I believe this is the same creator for WP Rocket. Now they have three different versions. They have a starter pack, which is free each month up to 20 megabytes.

They have a growth package, which is 499 a month, and you get about 500 megabytes. And then an infinite plan, which is 999 a month. And you get unlimited images. Now what is really cool about this plugin is you can use this across multiple different websites. So once you download the plugin to give you an API, then you can use that API for each website.

So if you have ten different websites, you’ll probably want something like a growth package. And you’ll probably never run out unless you are uploading lots of images. So right here it says you can approximately compress around 5000 images on that growth package. Now let’s head to my website here and here’s what their plugin looks like. So you have a box here that says auto optimized images on upload.

And then you can also back up the original images. Over here in this box you will see a place to place your API key. And then if you want to use WP versions of the images, you can, you just have to check the box. And then the next one you have is resize larger images. So you get to set what size of images you would like to resize.

And then below that, you have different sizes for file optimization. Now they will also ask you what type of or how much compression do you want to do on the image. I forget their exact names, but you have like your original version, you have like a light compression or a max compression. So just keep that in mind. You do have different options and you can revert back and change those images at any time.

So up on top, there’s also a button for bulk optimization. So here you’ll see an overview of all the images that have been optimized and what percentage you are at. Below that you’ll see it says optimize size. I am at 68%. So that’s the size you save by using the Imagify.

And then you can look at what folders that Imagify should be looking for and any images or anything like that, what files those go into. So for me, we got our media library and then we have a custom folders. And then once you set everything up, if you just hit a Imagify, all it will go through every image. Compress that image as much as possible and that will save you guys lots of speed time, especially if you have very large images. Now, I do highly recommend if you upload a two megabyte image or four megabyte image to go ahead and compress that image first, or just make that image smaller before you upload it to your WordPress site.

Because if you have a four megabyte image, you can only compress that so much. Now, if you upload it, if it’s 1 be able to cut 50%, but 50% from a four megabyte will only go to two, which is still way too large and will slow down your site. So that was a magnify. If you guys need a compression plugin, go ahead and try it out. Like I said, it’s free.

They do have a free version. If you upload lots of images, at least you can get started on that free version. Then you may have to bump up to more of a premium account, but at 499 a month, it’s not too bad. As I said, it’s just one click of a button and you will have all your images optimized. So I will leave their website link in the description below.

Go ahead and check that out. If you have any questions, please let me know. And until next time, make sure to hit that subscribe for more daily SEO tips.    

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