Where to Get SEO Jobs?

If you are in the SEO industry and you need a job, make sure to continue watching this video. Now. Welcome to Casey’s SEO. So let’s go into where you can find a job. If you are in the SEO industry, first you need to distinguish where you want to work.

Now, do you want to work by yourself? Do you want to freelance or do you want to work for an agency or a company that is in town? Depending on what your answer is, you’re going to be looking in a whole different direction. So if you want to be a freelancer, there are a couple of different ways that you can do this. You can go on to one of the websites that offer freelancing jobs.

Now, this could be anywhere from upwork to bark to fiverr. It just depends. But you can take a look and see what companies are looking for. SEO specialist I have tried some of these in the past, and it’s very easy to send proposals, but you never really hear back from anybody. So I’ve sent multiple proposals out.

I’ve had people come back immediately and say, when can you start? You tell them I can start tomorrow, and then you never hear back. So in some instances, it’s really hard to find any of these types of jobs using these websites. Now, I’m not saying that they don’t work, but you might have to put in a lot of time and spend a lot of money in order to get one of these potential clients. But that is up to you and you can figure out what you want to do with your time and money.

Another option if you want to be a freelancer is you can ask friends and family. In most cases, if you ask enough friends or family if they need a website, if they have a side business, or if you know they run a business, then they probably need SEO. Or they might know somebody that does need a website or SEO. Now, the best way to get clients as a freelancer is to spend some time and try to market yourself. So first, build a website, build a portfolio.

Find different businesses on page two, on page three of google. Find companies that are paying for ads. Do your homework and your research to see if there are companies out there that are already spending money that you can help provide SEO to that company to help increase their rankings. Once you have found a potential client, make a video over a website audit. Introduce yourself, make it more personable.

Spend some time. Send that video to the client. Maybe put it on a thumb drive, go to that office, drop it off, do whatever you need to do in order to get that client. In the long run, the worst that happens is you gain experience. But you might be able to make thousands of dollars a month by putting in an extra 3 hours of time.

And that’s what it really comes down to. Putting in some work, finding the client. And this way you will make the most money. Now the second way you can find a job using SEO is you can hop online and you can go to places like Indeed.com and you can see who is hiring either in your area or for a remote position. Right now if you’re looking for an SEO job, you should be able to find one very quickly.

It seems like they are high in demand. And if you can do any type of PPC or web design along with that, then you are going to increase your opportunities greatly. And if you’re here in the US, you should be able to find a job starting at least at $60,000 all the way up to 100 plus. This will just depend on your skills and your experience. But those jobs are out there.

So if you’re really looking for a job, first I suggest you think about the direction you want to go. Do you want to work on your own or do you want to work for a company? Now if you want, send some resumes out to different companies and then start creating your own business. So if you start to send out resumes online and then start your own business, eventually something will happen and you will find a job. Maybe you don’t find a job that pays as much, but if you are able to find some clients on your own and you’re charging anywhere from fifty dollars to one hundred and fifty dollars an hour, you’re going to end up making a lot more from your side job over time then you might from working from a company.

And then at that point you can decide what direction you want to go. Maybe you still want to run your own little business and subcontract that work and focus on working for the other company and that is fine. Or maybe you just want to move into your own business and stop working full time for another company. So there you go. There’s a couple of different ways that you can find work for SEO.

You can work for yourself or you can work for a company. It really just depends on what you want to do. So if you guys have any more questions or comments, make sure to let me know. Hit that like and subscribe button for more SEO tips.    

If you’re looking for a job in SEO, you’ll want to know where to look. There are several ways to find the jobs you’re looking for, including networking, job postings, and freelancing communities. The process of finding an SEO job will depend on your experience and skills, but there are some key things to look for.

Freelancing communities

There are a variety of communities available for SEO freelancers to connect with each other and find SEO jobs. These communities offer a variety of benefits, including health insurance and resources. Freelancers can also take advantage of monthly events and meet potential clients. LinkedIn is a great resource for freelancers as it has a large group of freelancers and a section for clients.

Creating a profile on one of these communities is an excellent way to showcase your SEO skills to prospective clients. You can list your skills and rate as well as link to your website and portfolio. You can also select what type of SEO services you offer. The best part of this community is that you don’t need to pay to join and participate in the community.

Guru has a large number of SEO experts from around the world who offer a range of services for affordable rates. These are likely to be cheaper than traditional SEO agencies. Unlike other freelance communities, Guru doesn’t require an interview, so you can quickly sort through profiles and find a suitable SEO. Guru also lets you hire SEO experts without hiring an entire agency. PeoplePerHour is another great resource for freelancers in the industry. It features hundreds of professional categories and has millions of members. You can find SEO experts, beginners, and seasoned pros all in one place.

Upwork is another popular option for freelancers. It allows freelancers to create profiles describing their experience and education, and a price per hour. Upwork also offers a large variety of hourly SEO projects. If you have good communication skills, you may find a project on Upwork that fits your needs.

If you are not quite sure where to start, consider joining the Toptal community. The community pays well and includes regular meetups and contests. It also provides a way for freelancers to showcase their skills and show their portfolios to potential clients. The community also offers a workroom to display their existing projects.

To start earning money from freelancing, it is important to have a website where you can showcase your SEO expertise. This way, prospective clients will feel confident about working with you. A resume and a portfolio will also help build your credibility as an SEO freelancer. Make sure that they reflect your SEO expertise and highlight relevant certifications.

Job postings

When posting a job, use the right keywords to attract the right candidates. It is important to choose keywords that will attract more experienced professionals as well as make your job description more visible. You can brainstorm keywords by using various free resources, such as Google Keyword Planner and Answer The Public. Using these tools, you can create a keyword list that will be helpful in getting your job posted on various websites.

One of the best ways to improve the organic search engine rankings of your job posting is to use backlinks. Backlinks increase the domain authority of your site, which shows Google that you are trustworthy. Another good way to increase the search engine rankings is to use social media to promote your job postings. Make sure that you publish your job listings on different social media sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, so that more people will see them.

When posting on social media, you need to make sure your job description includes keywords that will boost your ranking. You must also ensure that your URL does not contain too many hyphens. Another tip is to keep it short. Ideally, your URL should be about 165 characters. In addition, your URL should contain the job title, location, and company.

Besides posting on social media, you can also use Google’s own job board. This search engine constantly crawls the web for open positions. When you post a job on Google, prospective employees will come back to your website to view the details. Using schema markup helps Google to index the job postings.

Search engines like structured data, so make sure your job postings include it. If it is not, you can always use a URL inspection tool to check the site. Then, you can apply for reconsideration. By doing this, Google will automatically see the correct location of your job. Otherwise, it will display a false location.

Optimizing your job boards is crucial to the long-term success and profitability of your business. It helps you connect with the right candidates. Otherwise, you’re just like a shoe store in a deserted field waiting for customers.

Smaller agencies

If you’re looking to get your start in SEO, small agencies are a great place to start. These companies often need SEO experts to help them with launch strategies, best practices, and monthly analytics. The benefits of working at a smaller agency are numerous. You’ll learn more about SEO and be able to make a bigger impact on a company’s bottom line.

Aside from working for a smaller agency, you may also try working in-house for a big company. This type of job requires you to communicate with other departments, which can lead to management positions. You’ll also get the benefit of a more relaxed work environment, as in-house work is more specialized.

Smaller agencies need SEO experts to attract and keep the right clients. Often, the smaller agencies will have smaller budgets but more potential. You can do some research to find a local agency in your area and email them. You can also offer to perform a free SEO audit in exchange for consideration.


One of the best ways to get SEO jobs is to network. Whether you’re applying for an internship at an agency or you’re looking for self-employment, networking is key to your success. Start by asking your favorite agencies if they’re hiring SEOs for their internships. These internships are typically free, but they can lead to full-time employment. You can even use your networking skills to ask for SEO jobs, which are often a great way to make connections and get your foot in the door.

When applying for SEO jobs, you can reach out to other experts in your field and attend SEO events. This can provide you with useful tips and tricks for the industry, while also drawing attention from industry professionals. This can help you land a great gig without even sending a resume. Oftentimes, networking can also lead to references and SEO scoops.

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