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Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today I’m going to show you guys how you can map a keyword, analyze your content, and then see what changes you need to make to optimize that content based on your keyword. So we’re going to be using SEO Power Suites website. Auditor and if you’ve never seen this, it’s really cool and simple and easy to use. So we’re going to hop to the computer.

I’m going to show you guys how to do this, but first, make sure you hit that subscribe button. For more daily SEO tips. Here we are in SEO power suites. Website editor So we are in the page audit section. First, you’re going to map out a keyword to a URL.

So I have a couple of different URLs that I’ve already mapped out. Some are optimized, some are not. But what you can see is the first one I have, SEO Colorado Springs. Now this was going to a home page, and I have changed it. So this one has a low score since I have not remapped out the keyword.

So you can see right here, it says 60.9%. But then we have a different page that I created, which is Colorado Springs SEO, and my content score right now is 89.8%. So you map out the keyword, and then it’s going to analyze that content and see where you’re ranking for that keyword. Next, you’ll go to the technical audits page. And then up top here, you have what URL you want to audit.

From there, it’s going to pull up all the information on that page and tell you if you have any issues. So, for example, it says page status code, we’re at 200, broken resources, zero, and so forth. Next, you have a content audit button. So in the content audit section on the left hand side, it’s going to show you what issues that you have based on the content and your keyword. Since I’ve already fixed most of these, this is what is left.

You have word count in the body. It’s saying that I have too many keywords compared to other people in this niche, which is okay for me. And then we have in the keywords in alt text, it says I have seven, and it shows keyword stuffing. Now I only have one exact match and six broad for the keyword, colorado Springs SEO. So that might be something I want to go check and make any changes in the future.

And then it also says empty alt text, but this just shows raw data. Now you can go to the content editor and it’s going to pull up your page, which you can make changes on this page to see if your optimization score goes up or down. So in this instance, I don’t have too many fixes that can be done on this page. But if it showed that I needed more keywords compared to other competitors, I can go ahead and add those and watch that score go up or down. So right here there’s a box that says Mapped keywords.

And here is my map keyword. Colorado Springs SEO and it’s showing that I have 18 and it is in green. Now if I only had four, it’s going to show that I need to add this keyword more on the page. And then you just go through, work it out, see what your score is. Then if your score is satisfactory to you, you can go ahead and make those changes to your live site.

Then you have the TFIDF section and it shows all the keywords that you’re ranking for and how many times they are being used. In the recommendation box it shows useless or use more and you can see how many times your competitors are using this keyword and your keyword count. And on the graph below you can also go through your competitors and see which keywords they are ranking for and how many more times they are using the keyword compared to you, which just gives you some more ideas and suggestions. If you need to use that keyword more or less, then there is a report section. If you would like to print out this report either for your own use or give it to a client, then you can show that client.

Hey, this page is optimized for your mapped keyword. There you go. That was SEO Power Suites website. Auditor content analyzer portion of their software. It’s actually pretty cool.

You can find out a lot of information really quick and what keywords that you need to optimize each page for to get the best results. So if you guys have any more questions or comments, please leave those below. Make sure you hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.    

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