Make Huge Traffic Gains Using This SEO Tip

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today I’m going to show you guys how you can use two pieces of software and make really quick changes to your website, which should should generate more traffic very quickly. So let’s go over to the computer. I’m going to show you guys these two things right now. But first, if you guys like this tip, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more SEO tips.

We’re going to be using two pieces of software to figure out what keywords on what page need to be improved in order to get more traffic. So we’re going to be using first SEM Rush. Go ahead, create an account login you can put in the URL that you want to search for. Click Search. We’re going to go down to the top organic keywords.

From there, you’d want to export all those keywords out, then come to a piece of software such as the Rank Tracker. You would then click on Add keywords to the section, put those keywords in, run a report. So typically I will run a report for Google, google Mobile and Google Maps if it is a local business. From there you would hit reports. You would hit organic website traffic.

On this page you will see a list of all the URLs that are coming from the website that have keywords ranking to those. For example, we have a URL right here. We have a couple of keywords and then it will tell the position. So if you have a keyword that is ranking, let’s say in the 9th position and you did some more research and it has 150 searches a month, then you can go back and look at the page to see how well that keyword is optimized. If you notice that the keyword is not optimized very well, let’s just say, for example, Scuff Repair.

If this keyword was not in H two, if it didn’t have any interlinks, if it wasn’t in the title, but it was still ranking in the 9th position, you should be able to rank that keyword a little bit higher by optimizing the page around that keyword. Then you’d want to go in, add that keyword to an H one, to an H two, add those keywords to your interlinks. Make sure your images have the alt text with those keywords in it. There are lots of little different ways that you can try to optimize that page based on that keyword. And then in time, that page should move up in the rankings.

And then you could increase your traffic with doing minimal work. There you go. Now you can increase your traffic by doing very little work. Just remember, first find the organic keywords that your page is already ranking for. Then export those into your rank tracking software.

See what keywords are ranking for certain pages. Look at how many searches they get per month and what position you’re in. If you’re position number 20, I would not focus on that keyword, unless that is a very high, authoritative URL, and then you could potentially try to move that keyword up. But for the fastest results, look for a keyword that is on the first page but a little higher up. So maybe position nine and see if you can get that keyword to move up into position five or three or even one.

That way you can drive more traffic by a keyword that’s already ranking pretty high pretty easily. So if you guys have any questions, comments below, please let me know. And make sure you hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.   

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