How to Setup Global Settings in Elementor

Welcome to Casey’s SEO for today’s daily SEO tip. I’m gonna show you guys how to add global settings in elementor. First, you may be thinking this is not an SEO tip. Well, you would be correct. But when you are working with SEO and you have a client, what will typically happen is they will want you to make changes on their website.

Now, it could be a really simple change, but you may need to make a change across 100 pages. And this is going to actually cut out of their SEO time. So if you can set this up correctly, in a matter of minutes, you can make this one change and then you can go back to working on their SEO. But before we head to the computer, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips. But now let’s go to add a global setting, it is actually very simple.

So you’re going to go to the section on the page where you want to add a global setting. So for my example here, it’s on my website and I’m going to scroll to the bottom. So it’s just a little kind of about US social links section. From there, you’re going to click on the box. You would go ahead and right click that box, and then you’re going to hit save as a global.

The reason why this is grayed out here, because this is a global section already, and you will know this. Once you click on a box, you will see a widget pull up on the side that says your widget is now locked. Edit global widget or unlink as a global widget. And I have these three sections that are all global widgets all across the site. So if I need to update a YouTube link or a phone number, I just click on this box.

We would hit edit and then I can make a change and it will change every box that is set up as a global setting for this section. Now, if you want to add a global setting, you’re going to go up to the top here. You’re going to click on global. And here you have my three little settings that I’ll have saved as a global widget. From there you’re going to drag over just like you would typically do with a different element.

And that is it. I told you guys this tip would be really quick and it’s very easy to use. The only downside is you cannot save a whole section in elementor as a widget, you can only do little boxes within the section, so keep that in mind. But if you need to make changes on that one phone number that a client may have, it’s very easy just to go across the whole website, set up a phone number as a global widget, and then you make one change, boom, you’re done. And then you can get back to your SEO.

If you guys have any questions or comments, please leave them below. And make sure you click on the subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.   

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