Daily SEO Tips: How to Find and Track Keywords

Welcome to Casey SEO. And for today’s daily tip, we’re going to be looking at how you can track your keywords for either your website or your clients or competitors websites.

So we’re going to be using some.

Free software from SEO Power Suite. This is their rank tracking software. Now this is the free version, and I believe the only difference between the free version and a paid version is you can actually save your content with a paid version and you can run more campaigns. But other than that, let’s go ahead and jump to the computer and I’ll show you guys how you can find some keywords and go ahead and track them. Once you go ahead and download the.

Software, you’re going to type in your website or just any URL at all, and then it’s going to pull up all this information here on the side.

But if you go ahead and type.

In, let’s say, your website and you.

Are ranking for any of these keywords.

That you see here, it will say that they are being tracked because those are the keywords that it found that you’re already ranking for.

So if you go up to the target keywords, these are some keywords that.

Your website is already ranking for that it found. And you can go ahead and check those out. You have a ranking summary, a rank tracking, and a keyword mapping button up here. But we’re going to focus on the keyword research for the moment.

So when you want to track a keyword, you can go over to this.

Box here and you’re going to have some different options to what browser that you want to be searching in. But for our example here, we’re going to go Google and then we’re going.

To type in a keyword and we’re going to hit search.

So for this example, we have SEO four and I wanted to see what keywords that came up. So we have like SEO for WordPress, SEO for a website, SEO for ecommerce. And then over here you have options for filtering out how many search results that it gets a month, the expected amount of visits, a competition score, a cost per click score, a keyword difficulty score. And then we have a Kei, which is a keyword efficiency index. This is just something that SEO Power.

Suite has and it tries to tell.

You which keywords are going to be the most efficient for you to go after. They just look at the number of searches and the keyword difficulty, although on.

Some of these they’re going to be.

A lot more difficult to rank for, especially for SEO. Like you have SEO for a website, they tell you that it’s a good keyword to go after, which I do agree, but it’s going to be a difficulty or it’s going to be very hard to actually rank for this keyword if you are a newer website or don’t have the authority. So that’s why I would actually recommend going for some longer tail keywords. But here you can go through, you can filter everything out, you can get some good ideas for what keywords that you want to use. If you don’t find any in the actual keyword section here, you do have some more options. So you can go with related searches, so you can enter in topics and then you’ll find any related searches from either Google, Bing, or Ask.com. You can also go with related questions, so you can look at questions from the autocomplete section in Google or people also Ask. So you can get a lot of different ideas and then you can see if they’re like a low competition, high difficulty score, long tail, short tail just gives you guys a very good idea of what keywords that you could use either to create an article on or name a page.

You guys get the general idea, but the software, like I said, it’s free. You can hop on, you can do pretty much anything you want and it just gives you another piece of software that you don’t have to put any money down at first on and see how it compares to maybe something else that you’re using. And you could definitely use both and make it easier on yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. It just gave you a quick run through of how you can find keywords using the rank tracking software. And then if you want to choose those keywords, you can use those keywords, put them back in that system, you can then track those keywords and then.

You can figure out where you are.

Ranking on the search engine. So if you guys have any more questions or would like to watch any more videos, please to subscribe to this channel. And I will be back soon with another SEO tip.   

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