Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers Using This Tip

Welcome to Casey’s SEO today. I want to show you guys how you can get more subscribers and views to your or your clients YouTube channel. This is really quick and simple to do. But first, if you enjoyed this tip, make sure to hit that subscribe button. And now let’s head over to the computer.

And I’m going to show you guys this quick tip. In order to get more views and subscribers to your channel, you need to advertise your videos. Today with YouTube, there are so many different creators online, it’s hard to get noticed, especially if you’re just starting out. You need to find a target audience and the easiest way is to advertise your videos. Now you do not need a huge budget for this.

You could spend anywhere from one dollar to two dollars a day and you can get more subscribers. So I have been doing this for the past week or two and I have gotten over 20 subscribers and I’ve spent roughly $20. So it is very easy. All you need to do is create a Google Ads account. From there you’re going to hit new campaign.

You can go to brand awareness and reach we’re going to go to video. Hit continue. Next, follow these steps. You’re going to give it a campaign name, then you’re going to give it a budget. So go ahead and type in $2 or $3, whatever your budget is for that video.

For the dates, I just select the date that I’m going to post a video and a couple of days past that video, it usually will take a day for your video to get approved. I’ll go to all countries and territories. Come down here. If you want to add some related videos, go ahead and put those in. For demographics, you’ll choose what demographics you want and then give it an age range and whatever other options that you would like.

We’ll go to keywords. Go ahead and type in a keyword for your product or service. It will pull up a bunch of different keywords. I usually just hit okay. From here we’re going to post your YouTube video.

So go over to your YouTube channel, find a video that you want to advertise. Hit details. Come over here. Hit copy video link. And then we’re just going to paste that video in.

We’ll give it a final URL, a display URL, any call to actions that you would like. And then you’re going to target your CPM bid. Now, depending on how you have the set up, you’re going to put in either a cost per mile or a cost per view. Either way, if it’s fifty cents or a penny, it doesn’t matter. Then create campaign.

In a day or two, your video will be up and running. There you go. You have a quick way to get more views and subscribers. Just remember, these views may not be the type of views that you really want because you are advertising a video, so you will see a bunch of ups and downs in your YouTube analytics and that is okay. You might find that people clicked off after 2 seconds and that is typical with an ad.

But if you have some good content and you are marketing toward the right keywords, you will get some views and you will get subscribers. So hopefully you guys enjoy this tip. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. And if not, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more daily tips.   

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