How to Fix Header Issues Using Elementor | Daily SEO Tips

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. For today’s video, I’m going to show you guys a quick tip on how to fix any header issues that you might have using WordPress and Elementor. So let’s hop to the computer and check that out. If you’ve used Elementor to create a page and maybe a custom header and for some reason you’ve decided to make each page have an individual header and you want to make a change to an entire site, but it’s not working. This is initially your problem.

So if you’ve created a page and if you scroll up to the header, you’re going to see an X that says Delete section and then you will know that that is not a wholesize header. Now even if you went into the themes for Elementor and created a header and hit Apply to the whole site and it’s not showing up, this is typically why. So one way to fix this is you’re going to scroll over to the settings where it says Page Layout. You’re going to hit Elementor full width, then the page will go ahead and refresh and add in your whole site header. So now if you scroll up to the header section, you will then see a button that says Edit Header.

There you will know that the proper header is in place and if you want to check out, if you scroll over the new header that I just placed, you can tell that the dropdown colors are a little different compared to what they were before. And this is how I knew that I forgot to go ahead and change these pages to a full width format and from there we’re just going to go ahead and remove the old header. Now you may have actually done this for the footer also and then you can just scroll down and then delete the footer section. Hit Update. The page will go ahead and update.

Once that’s done, hit the preview button. Then you can scroll back out and you can see how the header and footer are the ones that you guys set up as a template for the entire site. So there was a quick fix if you guys have any header or footer issues with your Elementor page. So make sure to go ahead and check that out. If you are having issues, make sure the theme is set for the entire site and if it is, go back to each page and just double check that you didn’t put in a header and footer using the template section for each individual page.

If you did, just go ahead, add full width for a page layout, hit Delete Update and you guys will be good to go. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you want some more SEO tips, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. I will be coming out with them daily so if you guys have any other questions, please leave me a comment below and I would be glad to help you guys out.    

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