Two Ways to Quickly Improve This Website's Traffic

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. I’m Casey Miller, and today we’re going to be looking at I’m going to run a website audit and see what improvements that I could make for this website in order for them to gain more traffic. So after running a website audit and checking the keywords, I found two important aspects of that website that they are missing that would definitely improve their traffic. So let’s hop over to the computer right now, and I’m going to show you guys those two areas and add a couple of different ways that these areas could be improved in order to gain more traffic. For the website audit, I used SEO power suites, website auditor, and overall, the website does look pretty good.

There are no red flags that jumped out. But I did find one key area that I would definitely work on to help improve the traffic. So if we come down here to the on page SEO section, you’re going to see there are a section here that says two long meta descriptions. And if we look, these are essentially all blog pages, but the meta descriptions are quite long, which means in the search results, these are going to actually be getting cut off and a customer or consumer will not be able to read everything that you have in the meta description. But another area of improvement that I would work on are the titles.

So these titles should have some very important keywords that you’re trying to rank for on each page. Now I would just have to go back and look at the titles. What they currently are. And then what keywords that would need to be moved up in the search results and which ones would get the most traffic the fastest. And add those to the titles.

And then add those to the meta descriptions and potentially change the meta descriptions to be something more enticing that would increase the click through rate. Now, looking at the keywords, I use SEO Power suites, rank tracker. So I got a list of all the organic keywords that they’re currently ranking for. And the one area that is a must to improve is the Google Maps. For the keywords that we have here for Google Maps, you can see that they’re only ranking for 42 in the top 50.

Now, they should honestly be ranking for almost every keyword that is on this page. And there are 146 of these keywords. They should probably be in the top ten, if not in the top 15 for all of those keywords. They are a local business that has been around forever, and the website is going to have a loss of authority. So the maps is the first area that I would focus on in order to increase their traffic.

After that, I would want to add these keywords that they’re ranking for at least close to the top ten and add those more into their content on their website. So if we take a look at the website, you will notice their service pages. There’s a lot of thin content. There’s not much going on here. For all their service pages, they need to add more keywords and add more content.

So if we just look at another example, we really only have one paragraph, and I know specifically for patients that are repair in the area, they are not even in the top ten. And like I said, they are a prominent business in town and they should be in that top five. One other area for improvement is adding content. Blogs have not been updated since 2021. So we’re about seven months in to not having any new content on the site.

And on some of the blogs, there is no interlinking in between each blog or just in general. I would want to go back and add interlinks with the keywords that need to be targeted for each page, plus add new content which will drive more traffic to their site in the long run. Overall, the website is not doing that bad. There’s no critical errors that I saw on a preliminary website audit. Everything does look pretty good.

Just remember, the first couple of things that I would want to work on is adding content to the site, adding interlinking to the site, working on that Google My Business page, and then work on the little metadata improvements to each page, which would be the title and the meta description. I think with those and after three to six months, you’re definitely going to see some improvements, especially with the Google Business Pro profile page. So if you guys have any questions or comments, please let me know. And until next time, you guys have a great day. Bye.   

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