Follow These Three SEO Tips for More Sales

Today we’re going to be [email protected] and I want to see if I can make MrBeast some more money by performing some very simple task using SEO. In this video, I’m going to be going through three simple tips that Mr. Beast and his team can start implementing right now. So he can start making millions of more dollars long term. But these are very simple.

Honestly, it’s going to take their team very little time and he’s going to have great success. Now let’s look at the first simple step that Beast Bulls and Mr. Beasts can change in order to generate more traffic. So we’re going to be adding keywords to the title tags. So if you go to his website and we’re on the homepage here, if you look up top, this is the title tag for this page.

It says feastables Feast like a beast, which is great. If anybody knows who Mr. Beast is, they’ll already know this product. But if you are brand new, maybe you don’t go on YouTube, but you’re looking for maybe a healthy snack for your kid. Now you would want to put some of those keywords that I just described within the title tag.

So the search engines will pick that up when you’re searching healthy snacks for kids. So if we go over to the shop section, let’s just look at the Ultimate Beast bundle. So we go over here and the title tag just says Ultimate Beast Bar Bundle and that is it. We should be adding a dash and then putting in some keywords like Healthy Protein Bar for kids. Now that is just an example, but here we would have let’s say Protein Bar.

Now that protein bar keyword is going to get a lot more searches than the Ultimate Beast Bar Bundle. So we’re just giving the search engines or Google more information and so hopefully this page would pull up when somebody is searching healthy Protein Bar. Now the second tip that I want to go into is adding these keywords to their images. So when you look through the website, there are lots of different images. And one way to see if a page has these keywords in the Alt text is generally you can right click on an image and then you can go to View Page Source.

Now depending on how the website is set up, sometimes you may not find a View Page Source. Now you should, but it really just depends on what you’re clicking on. So here we got View Page Source and then you can use like a control F and then you can search for Alt-image tags or you could use a program to which you did your website audit on and they may or should have a section that shows images with an empty Alt text. And that is what I did here using this software which is from SEO Power suite. It is free.

I’ll go ahead and put all the links to any different software or products in the description. So you can go ahead and check those out if you would like. Now, the third thing that we’re going to be doing is adding interlinking in between the pages. So here, once again, we’re on the Ultimate Beast bar page. You will see there’s no interlinking in between each page.

So for example, even down here you may also be interested in and then you could go to one of his other products, but you could use specific keywords. So you could say you may also be interested in a chocolate protein sea salt bar, just making up things here for examples. But then you would go ahead and click on that link and then that would bring you to the next page. This way you’re telling the search engines that these keywords are important and you should emphasize these throughout the website and you’re just giving more relevance and more importance to certain keywords and it makes it just a little bit easier to search from page to page. Now, if you had a different section, you could always add interlinking in between different things.

Like for example, if you go back to the homepage, you have this section here and they did add a link to this page which will give you more information about spinning as wheel, which is good, but we want to add some different keywords into these clicks or interlinking, like I said, just to add more emphasis on what the website is about and what keywords are most important. Overall, feastables is a pretty good website from an SEO standpoint. It does have certain areas that they can improve on to help generate more traffic, which will equal more customers, which will equal more revenue. Now, there are a couple of other issues on the site that they could address, like site speed. A lot of these images are very large, they’re gifts.

They could go ahead and shrink those down a little bit to help the website speed up, especially on mobile. Other than that, I believe there was like one broken link, just a few little things here and there that they can improve on, which won’t really help them generate more traffic or more revenue, but it just makes the site a little bit more user friendly, just in case they end up on a 404 page, which if they do end up on a 404 page, they do have a page set for that, which is key. So I hope you guys enjoy these three little tips to help feastables and Mr. Beast make some more money. If you guys have any more comments or any more simple tips, go ahead and leave them in the description below.

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