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Welcome to Casey’s SEO. If you are someone who creates lots of posts on WordPress and wants to save time distributing these posts to different social media outlets, you need to try Blog to Social. I’ve been working with this plugin for a couple of weeks now, and overall I am pretty impressed. It is really easy to use and it’s saving me lots of time. So let’s head over to the computer.

I’m going to show you guys how to set that up. It’s really quick and then you can save hours without having to distribute your post to all your social media outlets. This is blog to social So they do have multiple different levels of accounts and they do have a free trial. So I recommend you guys try out the free trial to see if it is everything that you wanted and more. So it’s pretty easy to set up.

You can actually create different posts for each social media outlet if you want to spend the time. But for me, since I was just trying this out, I kept it as simple as possible. So once you install the plug in, you will go through and connect your different social media outlets that you want to. From there, you’re just going to find the post that you’ve created. Click on Share on Media and it will bring up a different screen.

And you can see from here I have 13 social media account set up. And then you just check the ones that you want to go out. Now some of these I’ve never heard of. I’m not real big into the social media scene, but what the heck? If they’re going to distribute them, I went ahead and created accounts for them just so they can distribute with one click of a button.

But from here you can see the titles, what date they’re going to go out, times to publish, what the text is going to be, what the image is, and you can make changes to these so you can get your social media post to look exactly how you want. From there, all you have to do is hit the Share button. If you set the time to publish at 09:00 A.m., it will publish at 09:00 A.m.. There’s also a button here that says Load Best Times and you can click on that and it will just change the time to the best times that they feel are the best times to post. But you can also load from your own settings.

But overall, very easy. If we go to their website, you can see the different social media outlets that they use. Like I said, you do have a free trial. Right now, I believe I am on the business agency with that free trial, but I will most likely be switching to the Best Seller Pro. And the only reason is, with the Best Seller Pro, you can still use the Google Business Profile page.

So I’d like to post on that. Basically every day if I create a new post or a new video and post it onto my WordPress website, I want that to go to my business profile page. So that will automatically create that post for you. But if you go down and look at some of the different options that they have available, you may be okay with the free account. It just depends on what your goals are.

So with Pro, you can post on all the social media outlets besides Telegram. It says you can unlock Telegram, I guess by using an additional step. Now, with the smart version, you are going to be limited with Facebook groups, your Google business profiles, VK pages, VK groups, LinkedIn pages and your zinc pages and groups. But that’s just a decision that you have to make. The only other downside that I feel is you have to pay an annual payment.

Now it is $11. So take eleven times twelve and you get your amount that you’re going to have to pay yearly. Other than that, it’s pretty good. So definitely if you’re somebody that wants to use social media and put your post from your WordPress website onto those, check out this website. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little tip.

So if you’re somebody that posts lots of times on WordPress and want to distribute those checkout blog to social, you might find that they are a step above or below a different plugin that you’ve been using. It’s just up to you. I suggest that you at least try it out. I find it a lot easier. It saves me lots of time.

I wish I even had more time to go through through and make the individual changes to each post. Maybe someday I will. But until then, if you guys have any questions or comments, leave them below. And make sure to hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.   

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