Need Themes for Elementor Check This Out

If you use Elementor for WordPress, you will definitely want to check out this site. So let’s hop over to the computer and I’m going to show you guys how to find free and premium templates. The website we’re going to be working with is called the Landing Factory free. So this is a website that has multiple elementor templates that you guys can use. So some are free and some do cost but you get a wide variety.

And if you build a lot of different websites or just landing pages with Elementor, you might want to consider using this site. So for example, you can just go ahead and type in pretty much anything you want. There is a browse by category section but I just typed in Sales. And then we’re here with the all template section and then you can scroll down, see if there’s any templates that you like or follow a theme that you are currently working on. So for this example, we’ll just click on the Business Consulting sales page and then we’ll click on Demo.

Here you can see we got a big kind of hero section up front that displays I guess their product or service right away. And then there’s a video but you can tell each block is laid out. There’s a certain color with the theme already in place. Now you can change any and everything that you want just like you would using Elementor. And most of these are just a one page kind of package but you can find certain ones that have a theme set.

So there might be a home page, a contact page and about US page, a services page, the whole package put together. Let’s see if I can find one of those really quick. So if we go to Templates, there’ll be a button that says Template Packs. Go ahead and click on that, more details and then you can see the different pages that are included in this package. So we have a home page, we have training class page, we have a personal training page, we have a single class page and about us, a membership and a contact.

So that is just for this example. Now if we go over here to the membership button, you can see that they offer a one year membership for $250 or you can get a lifetime subscription for $399. And if you use different page builders but you want these templates to work with those, they do have a package for that and that is a 799 lifetime fee and they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. But I can tell you from what I have seen and used so far, everything is really good and it’s really quick. All you have to do is find your template, hit download and then open up your website, go to Elementor, go to I think it should be Theme or just Import and go ahead and import.

Either your whole zip file or each page individually, then you can go ahead and make changes and make it yours. There you go. I hope you guys enjoyed this daily SEO tip. Now, even though it’s not necessarily SEO related, if you are in the SEO business, you will want to be able to learn how to update pages, find different themes, find different templates. This is also something that goes along with the game.

So if you use Elementor or want to start using Elementor, definitely check out this website. I will put a description below. Remember, they do have free themes that you can use and try out. You just might find something that you really like and you may want to use it across is either your website or your clients website. If you have any questions, please leave that in the comments below.

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