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Over 30,000 Locations

We have over 30,000 locations (web-pages) within the USA that you can rent to capture PDR Leads.

Over 20,000 1st Page Rankings

We have over 20,000 web-pages ranked on the 1st page of Google.

Unlimted Leads

With our pages you will receive unlimited leads for one monthly price.


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PDR Leads

$ 50 / month
  • Rent One Lead Generating Page
  • Displayed on 10 Websites

PDR Leads

$ 500 / month
  • Rent Lead Generating Pages for a Whole County
  • Displayed on all 10 Websites
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Frequently Asked Questions

For $50.00 per month you will receive 1 listing on 10 different websites.  

For $500.00 you will receive multiple listings on 10 different websites. For example, you choose El Paso County you would receive 24 listings on 10 different websites for a total of 240 lead generating pages.

Some counties may have less or more depending but the price stays the same.

We receive paintless dent repair leads from customers looking online for a PDR shop. To generate leads, we maintain several lead generation pages all throughout the United States. 

If you choose to rent a lead generating page from us, we will put your company information on the page (business name, address, email, phone number, etc.) and make it easy for customers to contact you immediately with questions and appointment requests.

By looking at the example below, you can see areas on the top,middle and bottom of the page for call buttons and a place for your company information on the bottom.

Location Page Example


We have listings in each city throughout the United States to choose from. The easiest way to find a listing, is by searching for your location on If you see a button on the webpage that says “Rent This Listing” then this listing is available. If you see a “Call Now” button on the page, then the page is already taken.

As of February 2022, is our most popular website for PDR Leads, followed by and

Together, all of our websites receive over 250,000 impressions per month and 100’s of clicks per day.

The sites were launched after the 2021 hail season, so they don’t reflect the 2021 hail season’s stats. (These numbers should only increase once 2022 hail season starts.)


The lead pages are purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one lead page is available per location (city/town). If a page is rented, it cannot be rented again until the monthly recurring charge is cancelled.

There is no guarantee that these pages will generate leads or rank highly on search engines. Our goal is to rank these pages as high as possible in order to encourage potential customers to click on the lead page first.

With our packages you will receive unlimited access to PDR leads. Occasionally you may not receive leads, but other months you may receive hundreds. There are several factors to consider, such as location, hail season, and lead generation page rank.  

By having over 30,000 lead generating pages, we can rent a significant number of pages for a lower price, while still being profitable. 

Also, I like the competitive aspect of trying to rank all our lead generating pages at the top of Google and the amount I charge per lead page isn’t necessarily a priority.

You can cancel anytime, but you need to provide at least 5 business days from your billing date before cancelling.

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