How to Sell SEO Services to Local Businesses

If you’re looking to sell your SEO services to local businesses, make sure to keep watching. Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Now here are a few actionable steps that you can follow to sell your services. First. Go to Google.

Look for businesses on the second and third page of Google. Then go see if they are running ads. If they are running ads, then you already know that they are willing to spend some money on their advertising. Next, you will want to run an audit for the handful of websites that you find. Make sure that they’re not already doing SEO and that you can find areas for improvement.

Now, I want you guys to create a quick website audit and then do a video audit with that client. So this is going to be something a little bit different. I do not want you just to send out spammy emails saying how you can improve their SEO and their website traffic. Make a video, discuss different ways that you can improve their website, and even give them some simple free tips and show them how to make those changes. So if you find a website that doesn’t have any title tags, for example, show them what title tags they need to use and show them how to implement those.

This will give you more trust with that client. So you are spending your time and then giving him different ways to improve their site. In the long run, they will be happy and hopefully they will come back to you when they do want SEO services. But the next step that you guys should follow is show a quick case study. If you guys have some case studies that show how you improve company a’s website by 30% in over three months, and how you drove more traffic to the site, maybe got them more sales, show them a quick layout and different things that you can do to their site to get 30% more traffic over the next three months.

Spend a little time. Make a five to ten minute video. Maybe they watch it, maybe they don’t. Either way, it’s okay because in the long run, it’s just practice. So the more you practice, the better you get at presentations, at website audits, and over the long run, it will pay off and they will remember you if they watch that video.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s tip. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. And remember to hit that subscribe button for more SEO tips.    

Local SEO Services: How to Sell Them

If you are looking to sell SEO services to local businesses, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, you should understand your potential clients’ needs and goals. This will allow you to differentiate yourself from a virtual assistant or spammer. Second, you should develop a sales process and a contract.

Case studies

Case studies can be an effective way to show potential clients that your company can help their business succeed online. They demonstrate your company’s process and highlight your customer’s satisfaction. They also demonstrate the results of your work. The case study is not a sales pitch or press release, but rather it’s an authentic story of the client’s experience with your SEO and digital marketing services.

One long-standing nonprofit organization was looking for ways to expand their donor base and redesign their digital marketing strategy. They hired an agency in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, called Webb Content to help them gain 500 visits per month. Before hiring Webb Content, the organization had been neglecting its own traffic and relying on the services of a local marketing firm. Ultimately, their efforts generated a 300% increase in traffic.

Case studies also make an excellent marketing tool. While a blog post can be more engaging, case studies make it easier to persuade potential clients. They help build trust, establish credibility and increase conversions. In addition to being more effective, case studies help to showcase the abilities of an SEO marketing agency.

When a prospective client approaches you, it’s important to understand their goals and challenges. Knowing your clients’ brand, value proposition, and overall goals will help you to determine if they’re a good fit for your company. After all, no two clients are exactly alike.

Understanding your potential client’s goals

One of the first steps in selling SEO services to local businesses is to understand their needs and goals. Fortunately, there is plenty of information to help you sell your services effectively. This mini-guide will help you craft a compelling case for the services you offer.

After understanding the pain points and obstacles that your potential clients face, it is time to close the deal. After the sale, follow up regularly to ensure the client’s success. Regular SEO audits will help them see a return on investment, and regular communication is crucial.

When selling SEO services to local businesses, you should first assess the current SEO knowledge and infrastructure of the prospective client. If your client doesn’t know much about SEO, consider offering them a complimentary SEO audit. Avoid using SEO jargon, as your potential client will not know what you mean by it.

Another way to sell SEO services to local businesses is by offering complementary SEO services or free trials. Providing these incentives for local businesses will help you turn prospective clients into loyal customers. Make sure to set a time limit and amount for your incentive plans to ensure that your offers are beneficial for both parties. It may also be worthwhile to partner with other companies, like graphic design companies or content agencies.

When selling SEO services to local businesses, it is important to understand the goals and expectations of your potential clients. Whether they want more leads or a higher return on investment, SEO consultants must use language that their clients can understand. Always use simple language, and avoid technical terms and jargon. Your prospects are looking for a solution, not a sales pitch.

Creating a sales process

If you want to grow your SEO agency, creating a sales process for SEO services is essential. This will help new people in your company learn about your SEO process and replicate it. Here are some key steps to create a sales process for SEO services. Start by understanding your client’s pain points. Make sure that your sales process is valuable to them and offers a value upfront.

You should also demonstrate to potential clients how your SEO services can benefit them. You can use case studies and data specific to their industry. Make it easy for the local businesses to see how your services will help them. They will be more likely to sign up for your services if you can show them how they can benefit from them.

When you are selling SEO services to a local business, you need to know what your client needs. Identify their pain points and answer their “WIIFM” questions. Explain how your SEO services will benefit them and how long it will take to see results. Also, show them the value of consistency.

Once you’ve determined the needs of your potential clients, you need to develop a sales process to sell SEO services to them. Start by researching your competitors’ websites and identifying the specific issues they’re facing. This will help you come up with an affordable package for them.

Creating a contract

Many SEO services companies choose to create a contract with their clients. This is a formal document that requires both parties to sign. While many clients are comfortable purchasing SEO services without a contract, others prefer to have one. One option is to use an electronic contract software such as Docusign.

It is important to remember that each local business is unique, with its own needs and expectations. Therefore, you should be careful about making promises and guarantees. Google warns businesses against this and encourages them to seek advice from experts. Instead, use authoritative statistics or expert quotes to support your claims. Moreover, use examples of reports and insights to prove the value of your SEO services.


Preparation for selling SEO services to local companies begins with collecting information on the business. It’s critical to know the client’s brand, overall goals, and value proposition. Knowing this information will allow you to determine whether the client’s needs are compatible with yours. Remember that every client has unique needs and wants, and you should be prepared to accommodate these.

If you want to succeed selling SEO to local businesses, you must build trust with your clients. This requires knowing your prospective clients well, and you need to put yourself in their shoes. This will help you hone your pitch and make you seem genuine. It will also allow you to develop a rapport with your potential clients.

Once you’ve built trust, you can begin selling your services. Your sales approach should match your client’s needs. You should be ready to answer any questions and be able to speak their language. Avoid using technical jargon, and always use clear, conversational language. Remember, your prospective clients are looking for someone who can increase their lead generation and return on investment.

The key to success with local SEO is thought leadership. Becoming a thought leader will increase your authority and trust among prospective clients. When your content is widely shared, it will drive an influx of new business. You can also build your audience by writing for other blogs and newsletters.

Creating a presentation

Creating a presentation to sell SEO services for local businesses starts with the metrics that are most important to them. Thousands of sessions to a content page is good, but if those sessions don’t result in brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, or converting nascent interest into tangible revenue, the results are insignificant. As such, focus on KPIs that are most relevant to the company, such as share of voice, lead quality, and customer lifetime value.

In addition to keywords and key phrases, you should include a business description and logo. NAPs should be consistent on all platforms, including the website and social media. Different NAPs can confuse Google, which could lead to a negative ranking. Putting all your NAPs together can make you more visible on the web and improve your overall ranking. If your client is local, consider using local media to promote your services. This is an affordable way to reach local businesses, and is effective in small towns. However, it doesn’t work as well in large cities. In addition, consider partnering with other local businesses in the same field.

While preparing a presentation to sell SEO services for local businesses, keep in mind that every client will have different needs. As such, don’t make your pitch based on your own personal preferences. The main goal of a pitch is to attract new business and increase the company’s revenue.

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