How to Rank #1 in Google Fast: Tutorial

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today I’m going to be going through a majority of the steps from the video, how to rank number one on Google fast. So I’m going to be looking at about the first four steps. We’re going to hop over to the computer. I’m going to show you guys step by step how you can take action and try to get to the number one spot on Google very quick.

So if you guys are ready, let’s go. The first step was keyword research. So you can use a free tool from SEO Power Suite and you can look at the Google’s Keyword Planner and get some general ideas of how the keyword is ranking. If it’s going to be low competition, high competition, and what the search volume is, in order to get this software, just go ahead and type in SEO Power Suite, click on their link. Now you’re going to have to put your email in, but you will get a free version of all the different pieces of software that you can use.

For this example, we’re going to be using the Rank tracker. So after you get this downloaded, you’re going to go ahead and open it up. And for our example, I put in how to change oil. Now the only thing that I do not necessarily like from a keyword research standpoint is it does use Google Ads keyword Planner. And the difficulty levels are not necessarily there all the time.

So in this example, if we filter out the keyword difficulty, if we look at the highest scores here, only three are showing up for the keyword, how to change oil. Now if you type in a different keyword, you may get different results, but that is okay for our example today. So the keyword that I will be looking at, so we may have our main keyword that our article is going to be about could be how to change oil. And one of the topics that we might be using is how much does an oil pan replacement cost? So this only has ten searches roughly per month.

A little competition from an Ad standpoint with an A for our difficulty level, which once again is fine, but we’re going to go ahead and take that keyword and then we’re also going to look at how to change oil.

So we will come back and type this into Google. So when I type in how to change oil in a car, immediately you get like a step by step list of things that you could use. Same goes for how much does an oil pan replacement cost. Now what we’re going to be looking at next is people also ask. So here you get different questions that people also ask based around those keywords.

So for our example here, we’re going to click on the little arrow or we’re going to copy and paste each question. You could do multiple question and answers for every single keyword that you choose, then you’ll get some better information. So when you’re creating your article, you may have a 3000 Word article all based around how to change oil and every component that comes with that. So next we would take our information and we’re going to paste that in Word Tune. Now Word Tune I believe still has a free version but you can go ahead and try that out if you like that, go ahead and get the premium version because you can use this for essentially all your content, any videos, anything that you make.

You can use Word term to make different variations, rewrite any information that you have and it can save you lots of time. So we go ahead and paste that information here. I’m going to go ahead and highlight that and hit the rewrite button. In most cases they do give you some good variations of the sentence or word that you’re typing in. Sometimes they don’t, but you will still get a good idea of what you can and cannot do.

So the first one here says what is the average time it takes to change an oil pan? So maybe I want to use after my question instead. So you just go ahead and click on that. Then we can come over here and highlight the next couple of sentences. Go ahead and hit rewrite.

And this will go through sentence by sentence. So the first one, the new option it gives us is the technician working on the vehicle could take from 1.75 to 2.5 hours to replace the oil pan gasket and then it’s going to give us a different variation to the next one. I’ll just go ahead and click on the first one. So go ahead and reread these. And if you do know this topic very well, you may say oh well actually it could take up to 3 hours to do this or only 2 hours to do that.

So go ahead and make those changes. And if you want to add more information, go ahead and add more information and then you can rewrite the content that you just put to make it sound a little bit better. Another tool that you can use, it won’t necessarily help with this section of questions and answers, but let’s say you created a 2000 Word article and you wanted to maybe paraphrase that article or change the words a little bit, maybe shorten or expand it. You could go ahead and use quillbot if there is a free version and I think it limits you to like 125 words or you can pay for the premium version and I think it’s up to 6000 words making changes all at once. So depending on what your job is or what you like to do, this tool may be something you want to look into.

But you could just take that whole article, paste it in here, say hey, I want to actually go ahead and shorten it or maybe even do a summary of it, you can click the button. It will change some of the variations of the words and you might be able to kind of rewrite the content that you just created and use it somewhere else. So that’s another good tool that you could look into. Now, after you get, let’s say, 1015, 20 of these questions and answers down, you got an article kind of written, you know what you want the article to be about. You can go over to a title generator.

I’m just using this one here. There’s lots of different ones online that you could go ahead and just look up, but we’re going to put in Change Oil. Now a lot of these titles are not necessarily going to work for this, but it will give you a good idea. The first one that came up here is Ten Advanced Change Oil techniques you should know. It might be catchy enough for you to use for your article.

You may want to make some changes to this, but you might have the Ten Most Advanced Oil Changing Techniques that you must know. Go ahead and you can just keep running these over and over and over until you find something that could work, make a couple of changes and there you go. You have a more catchy title than, let’s say, two Ways to Change Oil, which is pretty basic, but just take your keywords, throw them in a title keyword generator and see what happens. Now one of the next things you will want to do, and I may have skipped this and put it in different order, but you’re going to want to take your keywords that you’re looking for that you typed in back in Google. You’re going to want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and Google is going to suggest different keywords, different phrases that are all very similar to the keyword that you put in up top.

So if you start putting in some of these keywords and phrases down here into your article, then Google will understand or have more information about your article and basically put it all together easier. These are the keywords that they’re choosing. So put them in there. So this one, for example, is how much does it cost to replace an oil pan gasket? And maybe you found a question and answer that you’re going to want to use for that anyways.

So go ahead and put that in there. So then the next one is cheap oil can replacement. That could be another question or in one of your answers you could put for a cheap oil pan replacement, visit Auto Zone because they have Auto Zone and a couple different little variations or options that you can choose from. So if Google is showing you something and people are searching for those keywords or phrases, add those in there. Google likes it when you use things that they suggest.

So there you go. You have step by step process of how you can create your article to hopefully help you rank quicker and higher on Google. I hope you guys enjoyed that little walkthrough. Shows you a little step by step process of most of the steps from the video. How to rank number one on Google fast.

Do you guys have any questions or comments, please let me know. But before I go, I’m going to give you guys one more tip. So one of the steps in the previous video was to create a YouTube video. So then you have two pieces of content that you can try to rank for. Before you start your whole process, type in your keyword into Google.

Now see if there is a YouTube video on the first page. If you find a YouTube video on the first page, you will know you have a good chance of getting your video plus your article ranking on the first page. So now you’d be taking up two spots on the search which is giving you a step above or another chance for somebody need to click on your article or your video to help generate more sales or get more traffic to your website. If you guys enjoyed this video, please subscribe to the channel for more SEO tips

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