How to Fix Broken Plugins on WordPress

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today I’m going to discuss how you can fix a broken plugin from an update on WordPress. If you’ve ever updated a plugin on WordPress and you notice the back end of the site or the front end has broken, you want to make sure to change the file name of that plugin. And then you can revert back to an older version or use a backup copy that you have on the site to change everything back to the way it was before you hit update. If that doesn’t work and there is a critical error on your site, what you will probably see is you will get a message from WordPress stating that there’s a critical error, and they’re going to send an email, an email to the administrator on the site.

From there, you’re going to follow the steps. It will bring you back into safe mode. Then you can either disable the plugin, which WordPress should already have disabled it, but if they didn’t, go ahead, disable it, roll back to a previous version, and then your site should be back up and running. One tip here, always make sure to make a backup of the site before you make any updates of a plugin. Now, I use a plugin called Updraft Plus, and it will, for the most part, quickly make a backup of your whole site.

Then you can update your plug in, and if you don’t notice any errors, you’re good to go. But if something happens and you can at least get back to the back end of WordPress, you can update or revert back to an older version that you just made, and then that should fix any issues with broken plugins. And there you go. Couple quick ways to fix broken plugins on your WordPress site. So I hope you guys enjoyed this tip and hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.    

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