How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Site

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. For today’s daily SEO tip, we’re going to be talking about what to do if your website has been hacked and you’re using WordPress. Now, these steps may be the same for any other type of CMS, but if you you’ve ever logged into the back end of WordPress and you notice everything is kind of all jacked up, it’s going to be probably one of two things. Either there’s been an update with either WordPress or a plugin, and the first thing you’re going to want to do is disable basically all the plugins to see if it fixes the back end of WordPress. If that does not happen, contact the hosting provider, explain the situation that is going on, tell them that you’ve disabled all the plugins that didn’t seem to fix the issue, and they can probably run a quick scan for you to see if you have any malware on your site.

If you do, you’re going to have a couple of different options to fix this. So the hosting provider may just be able to run a scan either for free or for a charge. This should go through and clean up any malware that you have and get your website back and running. You can use a backup copy that the hosting provider has, and if you know when the last time you were on the site and everything was correct, you can probably just go back and tell them, hey, I was on this site last Tuesday for example. Everything looked good.

Can we go ahead and upload a backup from somewhere in that time frame? They should be able to do that. Or if you have access to that, you can go ahead and do that and see if fixes the site. Hopefully using one of these two methods, you should be okay and your site will be back up and running. Another option is to always download a copy of the site to your computer.

Now, if you make lots of changes to the site each week, maybe you need to do this every single day. And for that, if you’re on WordPress, you can use a different plugin. I use Upgrade Plus, and then you can have them automatically download a copy to one of your drives and then you can upload that copy through either FTP or ask your hosting provider and they should be able to help you guys out. So I hope you guys enjoyed this tip and I do hope that your website never gets hacked. But if it does, just remember that our solutions first.

See if you can disable any plugins to see if that’s the problem. If that’s not, talk to the hosting provider. See what is going on and either have them run scans and get that malware off or just ask them to use a backup and you should be good to go. I hope you guys guys enjoyed this SEO tip. If you did, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more daily SEO tips.   

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