Daily SEO Tips: How to Add Video Schema Using Yoast SEO

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. And for today’s daily SEO tip, we’re going to be checking out a plugin for video schema. So you can download this plugin from a couple of different places. Now you can get it from Yoast and then, then you’re going to be looking for the video SEO plugin that they offer. Now this is just an extension to their Yoast SEO plug in or we can get it from a different place almost for free.

I’m going to show you guys this in another video and that will be coming up very soon. So make sure you stick around and I will put a link down in the description below pretty soon to where you can get this SEO plugin very cheap. But if you guys use any videos on your website, definitely going to want to look into some video schema. So we’re going to look at real quick the Yoast SEO plug in. And then I’m going to show you guys another way you can generate video schema and add it to your web pages.

So let’s hop over the computer and let’s go. Once you guys go ahead and download the plugin, you’re going to see a Yoast SEO icon in the dashboard of WordPress. Then you’re going to scroll down to Video SEO. From there you have a couple of different options to set everything up. For me, the only thing that I’ve really changed was the embed settings.

We have allowed videos to be played directly on other websites such as Facebook and Twitter and then YouTube embeds play or make pages load faster only by loading the YouTube player when the user clicks play. The next settings that I made a change on was post types which enabled the video SEO plugin. So I just have post and pages because those are the only sections that I’m going to be adding videos to. From there you’re going to go ahead and create your page and then you’re going to embed the video. So if you are using Elementor and you click on Edit with Elementor to give you an option to create a video which you can just drag right over and it uses the URL.

If you use this little template, you will not be able to add video schema using Yoast SEO. The only way I have found Yoast’s SEO to read the actual video and get it to appear on the edit page is by using an HTML box and then copying and pasting the embed code for your video. Once you have that, then go ahead and hit Save. Then you’re going to come back to the edit box in the back end of WordPress here and you’re going to see a little tab that says Video. I’m going to go ahead and click on that video and then you can tell that the SEO is reading the video.

So you’ll see a video thumbnail here with your image. Now if you want to go ahead and change. You can change that image and then you can actually change your title and meta description if you would like. Now depending on how many times you hit Update, you may come back and you will see the exact time set up back here. But if you do not, you can go ahead and import that.

Put that in yourself. Then you’ll have a section for tags. Go ahead and put whatever tags in and then hit Update. Now this video will be ready for schema using Yoast SEO. If you do not want to use SEO, you can use a Schema Markup generator.

So I will put a link in the description for this website, but you’re basically going to click on over here. You’re going to choose Video, then import all the information from the video into the boxes here. Then you will go ahead and copy the script on the right hand side of the screen. You will take that script then and come back to your page. Click on Edit with Elementor, create an HTML box, copy and paste your script.

Hit Update and then you will find that you have a schema for your video on that page. The last thing you want to do is double check that there’s no errors with this schema. So you’re going to go ahead and open up a schema markup tester. And this is from the developers Google.com. You’re just going to click on either one, but we have a rich result test or Schema Markup Validator.

Go ahead and click on one of those, type in your URL, hit Enter and then you will see what schema is generated for each page that you would type in. And if there are any errors on that page for your schema, if there is, go ahead, make some changes, fix it, come back and test it again. So that is two ways you guys can put video schema on your page. Now just make sure you don’t have double video schema or double any schema on your page. So if you’re using a plug in that generates its own schema, make sure to double check that in the schema checker before you go ahead and add any manual schema because you do not want two versions of the same schema on that page.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this daily SEO tip. If you would like to subscribe to the channel for more or SEO tips, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. And until next time, do you guys have any questions, please leave a comment below.  

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