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Welcome to Casey’s SEO and for today’s daily SEO tip, I’m going to show you guys how you can easily get transcripts from YouTube videos or subtitles. So for example, let’s just say you made a video and you want to post a transcript, transcript and the video on your website’s blog. This is one way you can do it and it’s very easy. Let’s jump over the computer and I’m going to show you guys how. In order to make very quick transcripts and subtitles, I’m using a website called Happy Scribe.

So it is a premium website, but it honestly doesn’t cost that much for what it does. It saves you hours and it’s really easy. The easiest way you guys can get a transcript or subtitles is once you log on, go ahead and hit upload new file, and then if you want a transcription or subtitles, click one of those buttons. From there you can either upload any audio or video file that you would like. It could be from a Google Drive or Dropbox Zoom, or you could use a link to YouTube.

But the easiest way if you’re going off your YouTube channel is just click the YouTube channel button. You’ll go ahead and sync up your channel and then choose the videos that you want to transcribe. Hit that button and then just let it work. So you have two different options. You have a machine generated option which is ready in minutes, and it really is ready in minutes.

It has an 80% accuracy, or you have a human made which is $2 a minute. Now for all of my videos in blog post, I just use the machine generated option. It’s good enough for me. I can go through and make any other changes that I want. So typically I’ll take a video and then go ahead and put it on my website, make a blog post, transcribe it, and then just put that text into the blog post for extra content.

Now once you have the video, you’re going to see it here on the screen. You’re going to see two different icons. One is for a transcription and one is for subtitles. But once the video downloads and transcribe, you just hit open and then you will see another screen with all your transcription right there in the video on the right hand side. When you wanted to download it, all you have to do is hit download.

You can remove the display timestamps or the display speaker names, remove those, save it as a word doc, and then you’re done. And then from there, if you want to convert to subtitles, go ahead and hit convert to subtitles and then you could take those subtitles and upload them into YouTube. So far, I would think these are a little bit better than what YouTube uses. For all my videos in the past couple of months, I’ve just been using Happy Scribes subtitles, make a couple of changes and we are done. So if you need to make a very quick transcription, definitely check out Happy Scribe.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s Daily SEO tip. Pretty simple. All you have to do go to Happy Scribe, download your transcript and subtitles, and you’re good to go. A couple of clicks of a button may cost you a couple of dollars, but saves you a lot of time. Convert those in the blog post or whatever it is you’re looking to do.

If you guys have any questions or comments, please leave them below. And until then, make sure you hit that subscribe button. For more daily SEO tips.   

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