Get 1000's of YouTube Views with A/B Testing

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. And today I’m going to show you guys a quick way you can AB test your YouTube thumbnails. Now this will also work with SEO if you are working on any type of articles or creating a new page for your website. So let’s head to the computer and I’m going to show you guys how right now, in order to AB test your thumbnails for YouTube, I actually use this piece of software from Blaster Suite. Now, you don’t have to use software if you don’t want to, but this is just a very easy and simple way that you can go ahead and do it.

So just this morning, I went ahead and set up two AB tests for two of my previous videos. So here we have how to rank your Google business profile page. Case study video. And then we have how to use Blender to create awesome images for first page SEO results. Now for the how to Rank Your Google Business Profile Page video, if we take a look at this first thumbnail, honestly, it’s kind of boring and really playing it safe.

But I just want to see if I make drastic changes, if I will be able to get more views. So on here, I just use a template. It changed out the text and then did a little face swap with this image that was on the thumbnail. Now the new thumbnail that I created was this more bright, it has more bright colors. It uses some yellow and a little bit of like turquoise and then with a pink background.

So what I did here was I swapped out the kind of background image with I guess a beautiful looking girl in a swimsuit. Now, you may think this really doesn’t follow SEO or anything like that, and I do agree. But I have done some A B testing in the past with some other videos and I have done this. Now. It was more for kind of a clickbait video, but it did work.

So I just want to see if making these drastic changes will work. Now the other video that I have is how to use Blender to create awesome images for first page SEO results. I took this template here and I threw in a background from a blender, I guess render. And then I have this little guy here looking at some local SEO. Once again, kind of boring, playing it safe.

The new thumbnail that we’re going to be testing, it says Get Images ranked. It has this pinkish background with a beautiful looking girl in black and white. So it really makes the thumbnail really kind of stand out and it’s totally different than the previous thumbnail. So right now, like I said, we’re in progress of testing this out. I set this up for ten days so I believe every hour it will switch out and then we’ll get the results back in about ten days.

And then I’ll show you guys kind of which thumbnail ended up winning. Now what is really cool about this software is it makes it super easy to use. Pretty much you just log in. Now this is a paid software but you do get a lot of different things. So you do get a thumbnail creator which has lots of different templates already for you.

And then you can just swap out the text, swap out images, pretty much whatever you want. You do have that option and then they have a split test button here, which then you just pick the video that you want to split test, create the thumbnails and then set a time for the split test if you want it for one day or up to ten days. So here you can pretty much just scroll through and find a good template that may suit you. So you can always play it safe with one of them. For example, if you want something like large text, very colorful, with a pretty cool background, they have all those things for you and then you can just swap it out if you want to put your picture in there.

If you want to put somebody else’s picture, play it safe or go as crazy as you want. And that is why you do AB testing. Now if you do not want to pay for the software, you can still do a B testing by yourself. So go ahead and create two, three, maybe ten different thumbnails depending on how long you want to AB test. Even though if you had ten different thumbnails, it would be more A through E testing.

But you could really see just write down how many views you have. So if you have 100 views right now with thumbnail number one, switch it to thumbnail number two and then say in two days, I’m going to go ahead and switch that one out. Write down the number of views that you have for that thumbnail and just continue on and go ahead and test. If you really want to get into some different testing, obviously you could change any of your tags, any hashtags, any descriptions, titles. You can really go a long ways and do a lot of different testing, which if your video is not getting that many views to begin with, you might as well go ahead and test it.

It’s not going to hurt anything if you only had 100 views to begin with. Try to get some more views, do some different things. I mean you did put in the time for the video so go ahead and test, see what happens. Now you can obviously do the same thing with SEO. So for example, if you go to, let’s just say your website up top, you will notice you have your title.

So you can go ahead and change your title whenever you want. If you want to change it every month, see if you’re getting any traffic. Go ahead and do that. Look for keywords that get a higher search volume and especially if you’re doing local, make sure you add in those keywords and then make sure your content on that page matches some of the keywords that you put in your title. Change your meta description just go ahead and do this every month, every couple of months and see what type of traction that you get with that page.

And that is how you’re going to be doing a B testing with your YouTube videos or your website for SEO. I hope you guys enjoyed that video on AB testing. If you guys use any other software, it could be free or it could have a premium cost to it. Go ahead and leave that in the comments below. I would love to go ahead and take a look.

Until next time, go ahead and start a B testing your YouTube thumbnails and play around with your website and meta descriptions and hopefully you guys can get some more views and clicks.   


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