Can You Pay Google for SEO?

Can you pay Google for SEO? No, but you can go ahead and pay me. Welcome to Casey’s SEO.

Now, I wish you could actually pay.

Google to do your SEO and you could take everything from the their algorithms.

And see what they want and they.

Can manipulate your site using their knowledge. That would be fantastic, but I would have a feeling it would be very expensive, but it would be worth it. Now, since you can’t pay Google to do your SEO, you can have a couple of different options. Option one is you learn how to do SEO yourself. And to be honest, I do recommend you start to learn SEO if you have a website. So if you have a local business and it’s only a few pages, then learn what steps you need to do. There are lots of free software, free.

YouTube videos, courses, everything out there that.

Will teach you the basics.

And honestly, it will not take that.

Long for you to learn this few easy steps to get your site to.

Ranking a little bit better.

Now, on that note, if you do have a local business, make sure to create a Google Business profile page that.

Will definitely help you out, and you can still use your SEO skills on that page in order to rank a little bit better.

Option two is you can hire somebody to do your SEO for you. Now, if you’ve taken all the steps and you’ve done a couple of things yourself, then if you need to get better traffic or more ideas, it’s always good to hire somebody that can speed up the process and really try to get you more traffic and increase your ROI. If you have an ecommerce site, I recommend that you actually hire somebody from the start. There’s a lot more that goes into an ecommerce site than a local business, and if you have thousands of products.

You will not have the time to optimize every page for the best ROI.

So just make sure you hire somebody that has experience with SEO and can.

Do SEO on an ecommerce site. That would be your best bet.

Now, if you guys have any more questions or comments, please let me know. And until then, hit that subscribe button for more SEO tips.     

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