Add FAQ Schema With One Click Using Elementor

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. Today I’m gonna show you guys how to add FAQ schema using Elementor with one click of a button. So if you guys like this SEO tip, make sure to hit that subscribe button for more. But for now, jump over the computer and let’s go over this tip real quick. When you’re using Elementor and you want to add FAQ schema, you can do it with one click.

So go to your page, to where you want your FAQ. So for me, I have a section right here at the bottom, which I just used an accordion tab. From there, all you have to do is click on the tab, and on the left hand side, you’re going to see a button that says FAQ Schema. Hit yes. And then hit update or publish the page.

And then there’s a couple of different ways that you guys can test to see if your FAQ schema worked. You can go over to your page, you can right click that page, hit View Page Source. Once this page comes up, you can hit Control F, type in Schema. And this will show where all the schema is located within the page. So here you can see which is highlighted, and then over to the right you have Question name, and then it goes on to the question.

And then you can see that the FAQ schema was added properly. Now you can also go to Search and use their schema checker. Put your URL in. It will scan the site. And right here you can see a green checkmark that says FAQ.

Once we click on that, you can see that there has been FAQ schema added to all the questions. You can see all the text and all the different questions that were on the page. Now after a little bit of time, you can go into your Google Search Console and under Enhancements, you can hit FAQ. And if that page has been indexed and Google has understood that you have FAQ schema, they should hopefully show you guys that the schema is on that page. Now don’t worry if they don’t find it.

For example, I have hundreds of pages that have FAQ schema on them on this website, and they’re only showing two. So it is there. Just realize that the search console is not always perfect and doesn’t always stay updated. But nonetheless, you can check under the enhancements section on Google Search Console. There you go.

One click of a button and you can add FAQ schema when you use Elementor. Now you don’t have to spend minutes or hours adding all your FAQ schema in a schema generator. Just click that one button, hit Update or Publish and you are done. So if you guys have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. And if you need more daily SEO tips, make sure to hit that subscribe button.     

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