3 SEO Tips for Ranking in Local Search Results

Welcome to Casey’s SEO. For today, I want to be discussing the three most important aspects of local SEO. First is Nap. Name, address, phone number. You want to make sure that these three are consistent across sea, everything that you’ve ever done online.

If these are not consistent, you’re only going to have customers have trouble finding where your business is, who you are, where you’re located, how they can call you, you’re making it really hard for them, which could decrease your sales. And then you’re giving Google a hard time understanding who you are and what your business is all about. Next is citation building. So one way that you can increase your citation building is using different websites such as Bright Local. Bright local is a service.

You go ahead and put your Nap in there, what’s your business, your products or services. Give them as much information as possible and they will go out and distribute your Nap and services to other directories online that try to hold more authority and citations build backlinks. So that’s why this is all important. Now another neat thing with Bright Local is if you have changed through your address or your phone number, they can go back and make those updates for you. Now this is a premium service.

Last I checked though, you can get on about ten different websites for around $30. So overall not bad. Saves you time and they will generally complete the service you paid for in about 30 days. The last aspect is your title tags, meta, descriptions, headings and just keywords. In general, you want to make sure that you have the service that you provide and your service area essentially in all of those, because that is still how search engines know what that page or your website is about.

To make sure you put those in there. You can also go back and look at what other competitors have. If you look on the first page of Google and you see every competitor has certain keywords in a location that you want to rank in, it might make sense to use some of those same keywords and then try to improve your content, your business, your reviews and all those other things to help build you up in the search rankings to try to get a higher spot. And you want to make sure you focus on your Google Maps. So even if your website is brand new and you’re on the 10th page of Google.

But if you have done everything in your Google business profile page and services. Products. Your Nap. You have a lot of reviews. All of those things will help you move up in the three pack the maps.

Which is going to be honestly more valuable than your website being number ten in the search results. There you go, there’s three quick tips how you can improve your local business SEO. Remember nap make it correct. Let’s build some citations with that nap and then add all your keywords on your website, on your pages. The search engines know what you’re talking talking about.

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